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Hunter's Paradice

Outside of Steiner space and beyond the Rim Collection, lies a unique relic of a bygone era. During the height of the Star League, an exploration ship searching for likely mining sites discovered in the Periphery a beautiful planet teeming with life. The blue skies and sweet air of this new world seemed a sure sign that the planet offered ideal conditions for colonists and tourists alike. As the explorers quickly learned, the planets was home to thousands of species of unique animals, nearly all predators. Scientists still debate the whys and wherefores of such an anomalous situation, but accept that the smaller predators simply serve as prey for the larger predators. Creatures so dangerous and powerful that they might overwhelm a BattleMech occupy the top of the food chain.

Though poor in gems and metals, the planet proved to be a biological gold mine for its discoverers. The exploration team quickly hatched a plan to market the new world as a big-game hunter's dream come true. Attempts to establish a surface settlement failed completely, so investors funded the construction of an orbital space station. Dropships would bring wealthy thrill seekers to the station, where they would meet their guides with the latest in weaponry and survival gear. The richest hunters could even go to the surface piloting 'Mechs. The beasts they caught live would become the main attractions of zoos throughout the Inner Sphere, though most targets ended up stuffed and mounted in dusty trophy rooms. The so-called Hunter's Paradise prospered for several decades. When trouble started brewing in the Periphery, however, business slacked off. And, as with so many other ventures, the collapse of the Star League spelled the doom of this high-priced resort. Eventually the space station was abandoned and forgotten.

When Collection scouts rediscovered the world and its abandoned jump station, President Moroney immediately poured what resources he could into reactivating the station and building the infrastructure to reopen the hunter's resort. Realizing his nation did not have the capability to completely reopen the world as it once was, he settled with the exportation of exotic animals to interstellar zoos, primarily those in the Lyran Alliance. However, zoos only needed so many species and this cash cow soon dried up too.

President Moroney fought long and hard to refurbish the station and re-establish the big game safari trade. He has to spend large amounts of political capitol. The maintenance costs of the station, coupled with the salaries of the workers cost more than the tourist trade was brining in. Selling the station was the only option but would be seen as a political loss, even if a profit could be made. AIMS stepped in and offered to buy the station at just above cost and rent out space for the Safari business at the pricey sum of one credit a year for 100 years. The president jumped at the chance. He was able to pay off the debt, make a profit and keep his jobs program operating.

AIMS benefited by having a secure base of operations. They also are able to use the surface of the planet as a training center for their mechs.

Hunter's Paradise Lodge & Casino

One of the first orders of business was to transform the on-station golf course into a fully modern casino including OSB (off Solaris Betting) on the biggest fights. The casino has managed to generate interest and has been modestly profitable.

HP Open, Free-trade Market

Another change that AIMS made was to make the largest ring on the station an Open, Free-trade Market. This market has been highly successful in the short time it has been open. Sellers are allotted floor space for a small percentage of the daily proceeds, or the can rent shops for a flat rate, depending on the location of the shop and its size. Buyers are charged a flat rate entry fee.

HP OFTM is considered a "grey market" it is successful because the management typically dose not interfere in any transactions. The only rules they enforce are no fighting, no swindling, no drugs, no slaves or other distasteful "goods".