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Dungeons and dragons

This is the online home of my D&D world.  Please feel free to look around and explore.



This is an on-going campaign with some characters over ten years old now that have been through three editions of the game.

Rules Lawyers - Remember what the bard said about lawyers.

Bribes - The DM loves bribes in the form of beer, soda, and snacks.  Please bring enough to share

Extra EXP - EXP is awarded mostly according to the 3.5 rules.  However, I do offer larger point bonuses for good role playing.  It is not un-common to get more points for playing in character than from combat.

Free EXP - Fill out a detailed character profile or survey and turn it in to the DM for a boat load of EXP!

Character Creation

Please create your characters either with Vic or Scott.  There are a few special rules that we use that can help your character and in some cases restrict them.  Any character not created specifically for this campaign need to be approved before hand.