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This page is a repository of file, graphics and other things we share in order to help the game run more smoothly.

Item Description Size
eTools Character Gen ~160 mb
D20 Modern Character Builder - basic Character builder, no frills - Excel Spread Sheet 582 kb
charbio A word doc character biography 26.5 kb
GURPS GURPS Character Generator 39.584 kb
MW MechWarrior Character gen zip file 2.02 mb

Recommended Software

I highly recommend that if you don't have a copy of Fantasy Grounds II that you purchase the client copy.  It allows smoother internet role playing and would be useful for our remote players.  I have the server side and have provided a license for Nate and Sean-Michael.  Some times I will prefer to play via online than at a physical location.  I'm still open for suggestions on how we can improve the experience for our remote players.