Miss Ellie

Welcome to The Apocalypse, I hope you brought ammo. - Joe Miller

| As EWING (W-137)

As PACIFIC HUNTER (before rebuild)

A sister ship (McClain)

Motor Vessel Miss Ellie (ex-Pacific Hunter, ex-USCG Ewing (WC-137) is a 125’ former US Coast Guard Patrol boat. She was built in 1927, re-engined in 1942, 1959 and again in 2008. She has been lovling restored and modernised. The Active class were built by American Brown Boveri Electric Corporation at Camden, New Jersey. The Active’s were designed for trailing the “mother ships” that supported the smuggling boats of rum-runners during Prohibition.

Radio Call sign: Whiskey Charlie - One Three Seven

Home Port: Kemah, Texas

Colors: White hull, beige Superstructure. Gunwhales are topped in black. Deck is hazegray nonskid

Joe Miller is the owner and she is his home as well as his hobbie.
Deck Plans Deck Plans

Joe’s Upgrades include:

  • Replaced all the windows and portholes with 1 inch double laminated lexan
  • Replaced the two center square windows on the bridge with one large rectangle window to improve visability
  • Gutted the engines, replaced with a AIP Regen PEM Fuel Cell system, bunkerage was converted to batery racks
  • Installed solar pannels on the stack
  • Installed one large and two smaller Vertical Wind Turbines (VWT) on the main mast
  • Installed a Sat Dish on servos
  • Installed intercom in every compartment, Fordeck and fantail
  • Installed two remote controled 22x zoom hi-def color/BW video cameras, in weather housings on mast
  • 15000w back-up diseal genset
  • 8500w back-up diseal genset
  • Installed laundry machines (2 hicap washers, 3 dryers)
  • Installed Ice Machine (40lbs/hr)
  • Installed an inflatable canister life rafts
  • INS with auto pilot
  • GPS with hand held back up GPS
  • New Spery navagation/weather radars
  • LP eletrical air compressor
  • 25 tanks scuba locker (aft of deck house)
  • Upgraded fresh water condensors
  • Wave guide and wireless networking
  • Server, cat 6 cables to each compartment, Laptops in all statrooms, berthing
  • Computers in mess decks, lounge, bridge, and engine room
  • New insulation through out
  • 100% replacement plumbing & wiring
  • Engine Telegraph has been replaced by electronic controls
  • The Crane has been recertified to 6 tons
  • Davit for Zodiac Raft on Aft deck house
  • Davits for 2 kayacks
  • Convereted the upper engine room into a large cabin
  • Converted the crew berthing into a lounge with wet bar
  • Installed watertight storage box in front of superstructure
  • Installed bait tanks on main deck aft
  • Converted Wardroom/Office into a cabin
  • Installed 3 Gun Safes

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